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My name is Bond ...
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... James Bond
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What is the name of his/her school? *

LIL Winston Churchill, Lycée Francais Charles de Gaulle, Ecole Jacques Prevert, WIX School, ...
When will your child join us? *

If your child is in Y11 or Y12 (1ère, Terminale) and chose the rugby tournament, does he/she play in a club? *

Please, note that only Y11 or Y12 students, who play in a club, are allowed to play contact rugby during the tournament.

Serge Betsen Rugby (SBRugby) and/or other parents/guardians will take pictures and record or video notes of the tournament. 

These pictures/video will be appropriately used for SBRugby educational and publicity purposes.

If you do not want SBRugby to use any still and/or moving image of your children taken during the tournament, please specify it via email at

Medical Information

Does your child have any of the following needs?
If "Yes" at any of the questions, please specify it in the answer.
Medical requirements (e.g. asthma) *

If "Yes", please specify!
Dietary requirements ? *

If "Yes", please specify!
Special education needs or disability? *

If "Yes", please specify!
In the event of your child requiring medical or surgical treatment, including the administration of local or general anaesthetics in any emergency during SBRugby tournament, by clicking "Yes", you hereby give your consent to such treatment as may be considered necessary by a registered medical practitioner *

Registration Fee | Donation to Serge Betsen Academy

Because sharing is one of the main rugby values and thanks to an amazing sponsor, Serge Betsen Rugby decided to go further and will allocate the whole registrations fees to Serge Betsen Academy.

Serge Betsen Academy is a charity which aims to help unpriviledged children in Cameroon, Serge's native country.
On top of introducing children to rugby, the charity supports the children education and access to basic healthcare. 

By clicking on "I confirm" I hereby confirm to pay £10 (or more) to SBRugby.

Bank Account SBC/SBR
HSBC Bank Plc
SB Tchoua Consulting Ltd

Thank you for the children!

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James Bond
Would you be happy to give a hand as a Team Leader? *

Thank you for your help :)

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